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Saturday, March 20, 2010

President signs the HIRE Act jobs bill. Is it meaningfull?

Rather then me pontificate. You might as well hear about this jobs bill directly from The President of the United States. In 7 minutes you can get a complete overview of what this jobs bill might do for your future career or company payroll. So regardless of your politics it is worth a quick listen.
Please lets hear you comments below.

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  1. Any bill that will possibly assist in creating jobs is good. I'm wondering why the tax credit is only for those hired between February of this year and the end of this year? Are companies going to be selective about that and not hire, or hire less people that have been out of work for 9 months or more? Seems restrictive to me. Also, why mutual funds for only construction of schools and green energy? Again, seems very limiting. To me, if you are going to sign a "Jobs" bill, the bill should be sweeping in nature, especially with the number of unemployed we now have in this country. To be honest, I don't see this bill doing much for me.

    The President stated that "the economy may be adding jobs." Notice he said "may". Almost seems like this bill is a stab in the dark and more flash than bang. I did like the fact that he stated "The Government can't create jobs...the private sector does." I'm going to hold him to that.

  2. The bill is probably as meaningful as anything else from this Congress. Businesses will now hire more people not to produce more, but to get tax credits (paid by taxpayers).

  3. I have been out of work for a year after 16 years as a law firm librarian. All I hear in my searching is that corporations and law firms have been reducing or eliminating research positions. Although I commend the President and Congress for taking actions to help other out of work individuals for whom I have great sympathy, nothing in the President's remarks seemed to promise help for research professionals such as myself.

  4. Maybe I'm getting a bit cynical, but this is a politician who has very little knowledge of how to create jobs and is hardly a leader. Until I see otherwise, this is just another example a demagoguery. I do hope this stimulates growth, but it seems restrictive (tax incentives for businesses who hire people unemployed from December of last year to February of this year?) and it's an example of how people that lack the common sense to encourage the conditions that create real jobs, work. Politicians are hardly good at what they do (unless it's lying), and now they're creating job? Prove me wrong!

  5. Too little too late. This would have been a good idea last year when there were no jobs. Albeit slowly, jobs are coming back, at lower salaries and sometimes not full time regular roles but more temporary roles are coming into the economy. Government cannot create jobs, as even Obama indicated in the video but what government can do is not get in the way of innovation and companies doing business in a compliant fashion and sadly we have just passed a law that may cover everyone for medical coverage but is a true jobs killer and down the road will be a huge tax issue for small companies trying to create wealth and jobs for the very people who are unemployed right now.

  6. Well I have an interview tomorrow and I will let them know I have been out of work for awhile so hiring me will give them a tax break.
    Hey, couldn't hurt...

  7. It is ok for a start and better than spending another cent on the stupid war in Iraq. Now if we would only end a senseless, expensive, war (another Vietnam). We never learn from history but that is for another time.
    I have been one of those unemployed and part time employed since April 2006. I do not look to the government or the private sector to fix this.

    I do it one day at a time and expect nothing for my efforts, though hopeful that something good will come before my time is up.

    I am self employed now, which has it's moments of satisfaction, though only part time for now.

    I look forward to the next life as well as the next day in this one, and still enjoy living this one to the fullest. Without work, without a home, without anything, we are very good as a species in survival. I never lack hope nor a positive outlook in life. It has saved my life many times in the past and probably will again in the future.
    Despair and loss of hope is what destroys and kills us inside. Not whether we are working or not.
    The sad reality is how many we will lose along the way?

    War on a major global scale is coming if things continue as they have. History has often shown this as the usual course for these kinds of fixes. I hope we break the trends of history, though I am ready for the worst while hoping for the best.

    By the way, I am no longer officially homeless, thus have internet connection. I have been in a place since last July. I actually enjoyed the journey living out of a tent and then an RV and now an apartment. Take life as a wonderful adventure and everything else just makes it interesting. We will continue to have many more ups and downs on this road. The best things I have from life are the rewards of facing what appears at first as impossible odds and obstacles and survive well afterwards. I have been blessed, and so has everyone. Believe this and it becomes a fact. I love the power of the mind over matter.

    I believe in this quote made by Abe Lincoln.

    "Never let the little things get you down and never forget that all things are little things."

    Or something to that effect.

    I support the President and his efforts. We must all stand tall and assist in this or it will fail.

    Remember, United We Stand, Or not at all. Forget the divided we fall.

  8. From the comments its seems that many have fallen for the "job creation" myth. It is an economic fact that Government cannot create jobs unless Govt is more efficient then the private sector. Since, on the macro scale, Govt is never more efficient then the private sector, it can never have a net positive contribution to the jobs market. What the politicians like to do is tell you about the three jobs they "created" without telling you about the four private sector jobs that were eliminated or not created in order to provide the resources for the three public sector jobs. It's time to notice that the Emperor has no jobs.

  9. I recently received a W-11 Form from my recently new employer, it is the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act Employee Affidavit form. According to the information that I've researched, this only benefits my employer if I receive 52 consecutive weeks of employment. The main concern I have is why do I need to be signing an Affidavit when it's the employer receiving the Tax break on the Social Security portion of FICA. Why am I assuming the responsibility of penalties of perjury? Another question, is Social Security going to somehow fault me in my senior years when and if I really need to rely on them?


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