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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Job Seeker Comment Of the Week:"Why Can't We Get A Bailout"

I think this anonymous comment sort of summarizes what 100's of you have been saying, experiencing and thinking. Speak up! Add your new comments below or at the orginal article:

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As someone who has been unemployed since August 2008 following corporate downsizing, I have picked up some freelance work, but nowhere near enough to make a living. I have an undergrad degree, worked at the same company for 14 years and am very experienced in my field. I have been on a ton of interviews, but I am competing against many others for the same job. I attend more networking events than I can count, and am constantly adding new contacts to my Linked In account. 70-80% of jobs are found by networking. Another maddening thing is that a company will post a job, but not act on it for several weeks for even months. I am just getting interviews now for jobs I applied for back in November, December and January. For one job, I was brought back for a second interview. When I followed up with the hiring manager, she said I was still in the mix, but that they hit a budget snag!!! This is a world-wide company with over
110k employees!! Talk about frustrating! I have even gone to the extreme of applying to my local grocery store for a position at one of their new stores opening in June. That job pays $9.50/hour, a FAR cry from what I was making. But my unemployment ends in three weeks, and I will need something to help make ends meet. My husband gets disability and we have three kids. Luckily we live beneath our means so we have some savings, but we have dreams and goals, and not having gainful employment is draining our account.
In the midst of all of this frustration is the gov't bailouts of the banks~~~~why can't we get a bailout?!?!?! We are the key to the economy, and we are getting the short end of the stick! I heard that the gov't is passing legislation for another extension, and frankly, they need to. Contact your representative and make sure they know your situation. If enough people complain, perhaps we will get the next bailout!

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  1. absolutely agree.
    The government last created jobs for unemployed during the depression. Our government now faces that task as well. Of course, if you read the history books, you find that was when Astor, Hearst, Carnegie, Chase, and several other millionaires started, when thousands lived off $10/week. That also is happening now.
    Because of Social Networking, we can change how this proceeds.


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