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Monday, June 24, 2013

Should Older Job Hunters Use Facebook? (2)

To be sure, the Web can also thwart your job search if you're not careful in how you use it. "Whatever you put on a profile or networking site sends an impression of who you are. It becomes part of your personal brand identity," says Lauren Doliva, a partner at executive-search firm Heidrick & Struggles International Inc. in San Francisco. "The key is to be thoughtful about the content you are conveying and what others might assume as a result of reading or seeing it."

Also bear in mind that any information you post online is likely to remain in cyberspace indefinitely. "This is a broadcast medium where you may not really have control over who sees, reads or shares the information," says Ms. Doliva.

If social networking just isn't for you, another way to build a Web presence and boost your odds of being found by recruiters is to write a blog on a topic related to your career interests, says Ms. Doliva. "A blog can demonstrate your thinking on a given topic," she says. "In effect, it's a series of white papers."

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Ron said...

But why do so many older people put their picture on Linked In, Facebook, etc. and why do these social networking websites recommend it? It invites every type of discrimination and these pictures frequently make people look older than they really are.

Carol said...

Pictures are tricky. I have seen bad pictures ruin chances regardless of age. If you are job hunting and it has been a while you should get an image overhaul to freshen up your appearance so that you do not look stale. The hiring manager is going to see you no matter what so it is pointless to try and hide. You should make it work for you and take a great picture that makes you look youthful, enjoyable and professional no matter what your age.

glor97 said...

I agree with Carol, a picture is a must - just be sure you get a professional headshot taken by a reputable photographer, not a digital pic snapped by your spouse!

To answer the question in the title of this article, I would not use Facebook to job search. LinkedIn is definitely the place to put your efforts. When you put together your profile, make sure you use keywords that relate to the job you want to acquire so if someone is searching - your profile will show up.

Anonymous said...

Social networking does not work. I've had a linkdin account for years and not one time have I been contacted via this or any other networking site. I also have a facebook account and again no contacts of any kind outside of my personal network.

What good is networking unless you spend time begging people to visit your page only to have them not even comment on it.

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