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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Ways to Reward Employee Excellence

In a hectic work day, it is often easy to overlook the accomplishments of hard-working employees. These are the people who perform their job duties day after day, year after year, without complaint, which is one reason they tend to be overlooked.

Another type of deserving employee is the one who goes above and beyond his or her usual duties to provide additional effort or support to the company or co-workers. Sometimes we come to depend so much on this type of person that it is easy to take such an employee for granted.

That is why it is important to recognize and reward quality job performance from both quantity and quality perspectives. Here are the top ten tips for honoring your premiere employees:

1. Sponsor a special awards ceremony. This can be a monthly, bi-annual, or annual event. Some companies celebrate employees' success over an office luncheon while others include awards after an evening dinner. Send invitations to spouses and children, if possible, and have everyone dress up a little bit to commemorate the occasion.

2. Distribute certificates that can become a part of the employee's permanent record. Have them signed by the company president and consider framing the most significant ones, such as longevity awards for ten years or more of service, etc.

3. Develop an incentive program and promote it throughout the organization. You can make it competitive or available to as many contenders as possible who meet the criteria. Decide which characteristics your company values most, from attendance to performance to co-worker support.

Then ask for nominations of employees (by other employees or supervisors) who qualify for candidacy during the eligibility period. The "winner(s)" will be honored in one of several designated ways.

4. Create a recognition process that employees will appreciate. Posting the person's photograph and quote or a short biography, along with the specific credentials that led to the recognition, can be a tremendous honor. Mention the award at company-wide meetings, in the newsletter, and on the Web site. You may want to establish an organizational "hall of fame" for employees who have provided outstanding service.

5. Confer rewards or honors that make the employee feel valued. These can range from a "dinner for two" restaurant certificate to an end-of-year bonus, expenses-paid vacation, or a tangible memento such as a clock, expensive pen set, or other office equipment item that has been inscribed with the employee's name and dates of exceptional service.

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