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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Personal Branding: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself (video)

To change careers as an older professional or simply get a job, you need to learn how to do some personal branding. Before you start, there are 5 crucial questions you MUST ask yourself. In today's world knowing your personal brand allows you to present yourself in terms that potential employers can understand.To see what they are, watch this video:

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JL Mealer said...

Very interesting way to view things.... Some of us 'natural jerks' tend to want to hide the way we are seen. Yet we want to get the personal message across that we really are here to help save the world. [Which I am, however, the USA is first and foremost]. Thanks for the smooth video!

JL Mealer
Mealer Companies LLC
America's Next Major Automaker
& 100% Self-Regenerative-Fueled
High Capacity Electricity Producing Device MFG

Micheline Bourque said...

Very well put Kristina. I enjoyed listening to you.

Pat said...

I'm originally an engineer, and have been a software developer for some time. I'm somewhat leery of anything that smells of advertising as such. I drink Coke or RC rather than the more heavily advertised Pepsi because they taste better. In other words I'm adverse to a sales pitch, and I wonder how many interviewers are the same way. "Personal branding" might work when trying to get a job in the advertising business, but it doesn't work so well in technical areas.


neotechnology1 said...

Hi Kristi, I wanted to compliment you on your presentation on personal branding. I believe you are right on target. With the 5 questions, you articulated the constructs in a real world type of way for easy understanding and from an insightful way. These 5 points are often discussed in a round about way, but are not really demonstrated with pinpoint accuracy while providing quantifiable experiences for the hiring manager to consider. I believe if a job seeker were to focus the conversation on these key points, they would be viewed in a positive way and they would differentiate themselves from the crowd. These type of value ads are exactly what employers are looking for, but are often left unsaid by the applicant and often not in the discussion due to other discussion topics. If one were to highlight these points, with tangible examples, they would in my mind set themselves apart from the crowd. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and good luck to you in your endeavors. Sincerely, Michael McGuinness-Orlando, Florida

Kathy said...

Nice video, Kristina - have you tried the new app out Job Winning Interview Brand? It helps you come up with a succinct 5-point statement that is about YOU. And helps answer the questions that are sure to come up - Why should we hire you, what makes you unique, tell me about yourself.

Ronald said...

Well said... enjoyed your presentation and feel I'm richer for the experience.


Ron Willbanks said...

A well done and succinct summary Kristi of this much touted concept of personal branding. The questions help put job seekers like me in the employer's shoes. Your questions dovetail nicely into many of those behavioral questions that attempt to flush out an individual's emotional intelligence and how they handle conflict. I appreciate your sharing this information.

Mike Tamburini

Barbara said...

Kristina...very well done! This was extremely helpful! Thank You!

DataWhisperer said...

Pat: I'm just like engineer who moved over to software development. I also have an aversion to advertising as we've become accustomed to it. What we as consumers have come to resent are branding messages that try to trick us into thinking what's in the package is something other than what it really is. For example, if you believe the packaging, Cocoa Krispies will boost your child's immune system! ( Come on, really? Answering these five questions about yourself - honestly - in a thoughtful way will help you present a stronger case for why someone should hire you. Otherwise you're relying on someone who doesn't know you - the interviewer - to do it for you. Which would you prefer?

Harshal :) said...

Thank you very much for this!

Marva Goldsmith said...

Bravo Kristina! Great summary of personal branding.

I am a personal brand coach (and self-proclaimed brand evangelist). I am the author of Branding Yourself After Age 50, a book that was recently presented at the National AARP convention. I wish there were another phrase to use instead of personal branding, so that there would be less resistance to the idea of self-promotion. I started my career 28 years ago as an electrical engineer and really understand the reluctance to embrace this concept.

There are a couple of areas that should be emphasized: Personal Branding is about being authentic. Identifying (1) your vision—what do you really want to do? (2) What makes you different and special?—If you pursue an area of interest (vision) what is it about yourself that separates you from all of the other people competing for the same opportunity? (3) What is your value proposition or unique selling proposition? Personal branding will help you to clarify and communicate what makes you different and special in order to guide your business and career decisions. So when you go to the interview, you are clear about what you want. You are not just pursuing meaningless work – but something that you have genuine interest in and talent/skills to perform. You are able to engage the interviewer because not only are you interested in the work, you have value that you can add to the position (unique attributes) and (major point) you understand how the value that you add will make their business better.

Always remember, the question that the interviewer really wants you to answer is “what’s in it for me (my company)? How can you help my company improve the bottom line—especially in this economic climate?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the concepts in this video on personal branding, and I want to comment on what the engineers said. My first thought was "Amen, brother!" regarding how technical people are sales-averse. I've worked with many, and this applies also to people in accounting, finance, etc. However, we live in a world where the "touchy-feely" HR types also interview the techincal candidate, and likewise coach the technical people about how to interview. I think these are things to think about regardless of your field. You just have to know how to present it.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Kristi! Very informative video!

Anonymous said...


Nice job, informative video.

Jen Boyer said...

Love it! This was fantastic and I took notes the whole way through. Thanks!

noogenesis said...

Excellent presentation, Kristina! Very worthwhile advice and information, and very useful to me as I go about rewriting and improving my resume. Thanks for the tips, and thanks for sharing with the community.

Glenys Wolstenhole said...

Thank you Kristi. You've just helped me crystallise (or is that "Kristi-lise" - ho ho)how to write a killer cover letter because whatever I write comes out as too complex, and too diffuse. Your five headings very neatly sort out both the hard and soft factors, and give a succinct framework for presenting one's myriad qualities. Can't wait to try your approach out in my next application.


Anonymous said...

Well done - thank you Kristina. I think you articulate and explain each of the five key points very well. More so, you provide examples for each that are not only applicable to a variety of professions and roles, but when applied, truly do enhance the overall strength of one's personal brand. I immediately thought of succinct examples in my own experience that represent the how and why I am, for example, a strong communicator. Many thanks!

pfpcronin said...

HI, Well said! I just tweeted this: Older professionals : 5 Questions to help you create a Personal Brand:". Hope it helps. By the way, you might join another group that helps other LI members cross pollinate with advisers and experts to business owners and senior executives. Our LinkedIn group is Successful Transition Planning Institute: Regards, Paul

Ze'ev said...

Simply excellent! I've asked and answered most of these questions but you've put it all together very nicely. Recently I heard (and now you re-inforce) that the hard points get you the interview but the soft points get you the job so I'm thinking more about the soft points like how you make the work environment more pleasant - especially important in small startup where I typically aim.

Mike Ballard said...

If you are interested in how to develop your personal brand, check out the True Path brand assessment tool at

Rebecca Johnson said...

You communicate your brand before you even open your mouth to share your answers to the 5 questions.

Kristi and everyone watching this should have developed their own brand through their appearance. You have a monopoly on this! Are you taking it seriously? What is your signature?

Invest in your wardrobe! featured academic research from Duke showing CEOs who dress the part have higher salaries.

Not sure the impact of your image? Ask around. The people in your life will tell you the impression you make. Then call me! Rebecca Johnson, Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer

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Chelsea said...

Great video!!! Thank you!

Debfab said...

Thank u Christy, I like this. I think I need to do a lot of personal evaluation on myself - I need a good cover letter

USArtguy said...

I worked for an ad agency 25 years. It was sold a few months ago and I was "down-sized". So, now I'm 50 and looking for a Graphic Designer/Art Director -type job in my geographic area.

I have mixed feelings watching your video.

I followed this link from a forum on This is part of a blog called "Interns Over 40". My first thought was "you're not over 40... this is not reassuring... why should I listen to you?". I expected to see someone who has been through this themselves and successfully overcome it.

I'm a visual person and am immediately skeptical of images that don't fit the message. Not that what you have to say is irrelevant or incorrect, because it is on both counts. But these 5 things seem to be the current thinking as I've seen them elsewhere in my job search. I guess what I'm asking is "what do you know about losing a job and getting another, better one after age 40?"

Although Rebecca Johnson's comments (May 17, 2010) lack couth, I agree with her. I'm a visual person. I kept looking at all the distracting stuff in the background and wondered "is this just a way for this girl to generate site traffic... say a few generalities that everyone else seem to be saying and proclaim yourself as an expert? Couldn't she find a blank wall to film herself in front of?".

On one hand I hate being so skeptical, but it is frustrating to be in my current position. I'm sincerely looking for ways to improve and "sell myself". It just doesn't seem to matter if you can do the work, these days. To get in the door you have to project a certain persona.

Nevertheless, I'm inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt though and take what you've said here to heart.

gutausse said...

I agree with USArtguy that the atmosphere for such a presentation ought not to be in some office sitting behind a desk but in a room with less clutter in it. Also the speaker needs to stop bobbing up and down because it is so distracting. It would be better to do a slide presentation and talk behind it than this approach.
As far as the points made in the video. They echo what every other branding website has to say. What would be much more useful is to give real examples of how these questions ought to be answered.

Jill Brown said...

The correct grammar is 'different from' not 'different than'. I know if I was interviewing this presenter I'd be unimpressed with her communication. Interesting how important small details can be.

Anonymous said...

@ Jill Brown

Is that all you got out of this video that most commenters appreciated?

I guess you can now go back to untangling and straightening out that pile of paperclips. Take care of those small details.

Tank YoU (purpopsely misspelled)

Vic said...

thank you very much for your blog, it help me with my project, based on букмекерские конторы and was realy interesting to read

Paul said...

What a great way to breakdown a topic that can be really confusing and overwhelming. I'm certainly going to put this advice to work.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I couldn't read the article or watch the video because of the grammatical error in the headline. I may be 'oler' but I'm proud I know the difference between then and than. Discuss!

Terry Southern said...

Very nice presentation. Don't let the naysayers get you down. It never ceases to amaze me how anal people can be, even when receiving a gift. Rest assured that the rest of us appreciate your gesture for what it is, a genuine offer to help, and we thank you. After all, you know what they say, (whoever “they” is)? Action talks, the rest walks, (cleaned up a bit). It’s easy to criticize from behind the curtain of anonymity. It’s a different matter altogether to put yourself out there in service to others, where you stand-alone. Your presentation was well thought out, well presented and was succinct and to the point. Again, well done.

tua022012 said...

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OBloodyHell said...

There is demand for your services?

Sorry, hard to argue that one when you've been out of a job for a couple years.

They SHOULD be looking for my skill set, but I see ZERO evidence that the quacks and charlatans that currently operate the HR field have any notion that being GOOD, INTLLIGENT, EXPERIENCED, and MATURE is worth crap to these lackwit morons.


Shewan Mal said...

Its really a very useful & informative as we need to do do a lot of personal our own evaluation.


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Anonymous said...

I must be an older worker because I know that 19th century telephones had cranks, not dials. On the other hand, the editor must be a product of 21st century education because he or she does not know the difference between than and then.

hajasheriff said...

Great point you make there. good article.. I like your perspective on this subject.
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Justyna Ciećwierz said...

Thank you for this video. I like your approach to personal branding.

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