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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, October 19, 2009

20 of the best Job Search Web Sites

As we all know by now, unemployment numbers are sky high and companies are laying people off like it's 2001 again. However, there is a silver lining for those looking for new employment: there are more resources than ever to help job seekers find work.

These 20 Web sites take different approaches to find you the right job. Some sites, like Indeed, simply aggregate material from all other sites, while sites like TheLadders make you pay to take advantage of their high-paying job services. No matter how select or general you want your job search to be, one of these sites has you covered.

Scroll through our list of favorites and find the career site that best fits your own needs. And good luck with the job hunt!


Beyond.com claims to be the "largest network of niche career communities" on the Net. It essentially hooks together different organizations like PRJobForce.com and PhillyJobs.com all in one place, which makes it easy to find leads in your community.


As the Web's biggest job site, CareerBuilder gets more than 23 million visitors a month. The company has been around since 1995, and has developed an incredible network of listing sources and job search centers since that time.


The granddaddy of online classifieds gives those who are focused on searching for jobs within their communities an easy way to look. It might be one of the least-polished entities listed here, but the sheer number of local job listings makes up for it.


ExecuSearch looks to be a selective, higher-tier job search property. ExecuSearch screens and reviews every resume that is submitted, and helps employers find the best possible candidates for their open positions.


Hound's search engine shows jobs from employer Web sites only. In theory, this cuts out duplicate listings and shows opportunities that are not posted on other job boards.


Indeed works as an aggregator for listings from major job Web sites, company Web sites, associations, and other online sources. Its simplicity and ease of use are its best features.


JobCentral is a service formed by a nonprofit consortium of U.S. corporations like IBM and Dell, which makes it ideal if you're looking for corporate job listings.


JobServe claims it was "the world's first Internet recruitment service." In 2008, JobServe advertised more than 2.5 million jobs across 15 industry sectors.


Jobster uses an active approach to help employers and recruiting teams of all sizes find their candidates. The company calls its method "social recruiting," and it services 24 different job categories.


Best known for being a social network for professionals, LinkedIn also has thorough job listings, some of which are exclusive to LinkedIn.


In addition to being arguably the best-known global job-listings site, Monster also offers advice on resumes, interviewing, and salary information.


Oodle, which specializes in online classifieds, includes a job classifieds section that finely cuts job opportunities down to job title, category, industry, and company. Did you know, for example, that Best Buy has nearly 10,000 openings?


onTargetjobs owns a lot of smaller niche sites like BioSpace.com and MedHunters.com. Its expansive niche database allows users to find compatible job listings more easily than with general sites.


SimplyHired is similar to Indeed, as it also aggregates listings from major job Web sites, newspapers, company Web sites, and associations. However, the site goes a little deeper and allows users to send their resumes out for posting on five other sites for free.


SnagAJob is basically the antithesis of sites like TheLadders and ExecuSearch, as its focus is on hourly employment only. The site has partnered with companies like 7 Eleven, Red Lobster, and AMF, to bring the most up-to-date hourly job openings.


This job site has branded itself as the place to look for $100,000+ jobs only. Job seekers have to pay $30 per month to fully take advantage of the site's services.


Trovix's free search engine makes the job-search process more personalized. Users input their work experience and qualifications and the site matches results to what info they have given. Trovix also has an innovative feature called Job Map, which allows you to type in your location and see on Google Maps how many jobs are available in your area.


One of the newest sites to take advantage of social media, TweetMyJobs supplies Twitter users with instantaneous job listings that are derived from TweetMyJobs' Job Channels.


USAJobs is the official job site for the U.S. government. With the government looking to significantly increase spending during the next few years, looking at federal jobs might not be a bad move if you're in a tough place.

Yahoo HotJobs

As one of the biggest job sites on the Web, HotJobs distinguishes itself by focusing on features such as status (which shows how many times one's resume has been viewed) and the ability to block companies from seeing your resume.

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  1. I want to suggest adding http://job-hunt.org. It's a great all-round job search portal with an unbelievable amount of solid information. And it's free! (And it's not mine)

  2. I suggest adding www.playfairandnoble.com, which embraces the spirit of Web 2.0 by allowing professionals and employers to communicate directly, without the interference and prohibitive costs of recruitment agencies. In fact they are not a recruitment agency.
    They share 50% of their fee with the professional and reward referrers with 10%.

  3. are they applicable for India too?

  4. I prefer the excitement and pace of start-up companies. http://www.startuphire.com is a great resource for these opportunities

  5. Great summary article. Thanks for sharing.


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