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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Adult Internships Are Growing in Today's Economy (2)

5. MASTERY OF ENTRY LEVEL TASKS. Along the same lines as my previous point, adults have already started at the bottom and worked their way up in one field or another. Typical intern tasks like making copies, fetching coffee, answering phones, taking clear messages are already engraved into their minds. This usually isn't something that needs to be re-learned.

6. KNOWLEDGE OF SCHEDULE. The idea of commitment to most college students is scary. No one likes to commit to anything; a job, internship, relationship, after-school activity. Another common issue with college interns is they aren't aware of their time and haven't mastered time management techniques. Interns often ask to leave early, call in sick, or don't show up. Adults seem to have a better grasp of commitment and aren't as quick to accept a position without really thinking it through.

7. THE VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP. Due to a large growth in start-up companies around the globe offering, "Virtual Internships", more and more adults have signed on. Many mothers go after these Virtual positions to stay busy at home. It allows them to be with their children and feel like they are still getting work done.

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