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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving Beyond the Lone Ranger Syndrome (2)

The individual may also be someone who brings compassion and love into your internal conversation with yourself that has been lacking.

Many lone ranger types keep themselves stuck by means of a continual barrage of negative and critical self talk. Breaking free of this will often shake you loose from the trance of self deprecation and into a new conversation of appreciation and gratitude.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that there isn't anything "wrong" with your career and that your breakthrough lies in simply letting yourself win?

Have you noticed that when the time of breakthrough actually arrives, it is almost always in the context of relationship, usually accompanied by some meaningful conversation with someone who cares and wants you to see something you haven't been seeing?

No matter how you slice it, empowering relationship is the key antidote to the Lone Ranger Syndrome. At Breakthrough Coaching, it is the most important aspect of our community. We offer many ways for you to become involved and to get the specific support you need to create the breakthrough in your career that you want.

Your challenge is one of reaching out and making contact.

Money and the Lone Ranger Syndrome
The fearful voice inside you may tell you that you cannot afford career coaching so you had better just keep doing the same things even though they aren't working. That part of you may be in despair and also concerned with security at the same time.

The self deception here is sustained by not recognizing the substantial "cost" of remaining alone without the support system you need. The cost is at every level— physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and affects your quality of life profoundly.

Once people become truly open to empowering partnership and support, they invariably realize that it was never about money. Many get the support they need without spending a dime. Others get the support they need at a cost so low, that it is insignificant. Others make an investment in themselves and reap incredible rewards in the process.

The bottom line here is that money issues are really relationship issues in disguise. Open yourself up to the myriad of possibilities with empowering partnership and your money challenges will go away.

Ask yourself: Why doesn't a bird worry about finding food each day? It is because the bird believes and trusts in the universe to provide what it needs. The bird has not acquired limiting beliefs about its needs not being met.

Think of someone who is walking around with a pair of worn out shoes that are uncomfortable and look horrible. When they finally give themselves permission to get the new shoes they want and need, they feel great about themselves. Right? What kind of new shoes will make the key difference in your life right now?

The Right Time is Now
It is a new year filled with fresh possibilities and career opportunities. It is time to exit your safe cocoon or cave and come into the sunlight with other like minded people who would love to get to know you and share respective knowledge and gifts.

It is time to open yourself up to receiving that form of love that YOU personally need right now. Whatever it is, there are people who are available and ready as soon as you are ready to receive it.

Feedback and Comments
As always, I'm very interested in your comments and feedback. If you found this blog valuable, please let me know what impacted you and found worthwhile. If you have had any related experiences in your life, please share them. You can reach me personally at howard@breakthroughcoaching.cc.

Lets make 2010 the year of co-creation and empowering partnership!

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Howard Sambol, BreakthroughCoaching

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