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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

10 Tricks To Use LinkedIn As A Recruiting Tool:Recruiters

LinkedIn has become a major tool of choice in the recruitment trade. It has made some recent changes that have me questioning its future, but I still can’t deny how useful the site is for recruiters and networkers alike.

Here is my short list of tips on how to use LinkedIn for recruiting:

1. Accept ALL invitations to connect - There are arguments for and against this and quality vs. quantity, but as a recruiter, the true value of your network is measured by its size – bigger IS better. You never know when that invitation is going to connect you to that very private Sr. Executive that no one else is connected to.

2. Invite everyone to connect - Growing your network takes a lot of work and commitment. Make it a point to add 10 new people to your network, daily (business days). Add your friends, family, colleagues, candidates, etc.

3. Join relevant profession/industry groups - The new LinkedIn search function allows you to search people that are members of the same LinkedIn interest groups as you, regardless of whether you’re connected or not. So, by joining the many Six Sigma Professional groups, you will automatically be given access to the thousands of members of the group.

4. Join relevant geographical groups - In “network theory” it’s called clustering. In general, the theory is that most people invite friends/family/colleagues to join their social groups. Since we still live and work in a predominantly bricks and mortar world that means that most of my immediate network, lives in the same city I do (or one of its suburbs). So, if you are working on an “out of town” role, a great way to find more candidates is to start connecting to contacts that live in the target city.

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