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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Acing the Phone Interview



  1. Hows do you send a thank you note to your phone interviewer if they are a global company and you have no idea where they are located? I have had one recent phone interview where I wanted to send a thank you to the interviewer, but had no idea where he was station, especially because most of the positions posted on the job boards are through a job warehousing site, with no contact info for their HR department. Frustrating!!!

  2. The first thing one should remember to do during, or at the end of one's, phone interview is to ensure they have the name (or names) of the interviewer(s). One can usually, at the very least, discern an e-mail address from this name by visiting the interviewer's company's web site.

    Second, you could simply ask for their contact information during the interview...or once you have their names you could always call their reception (contact number from their web site) and simply ask for their e-mail address.

    Even if the "caller" is a recruiter from a company that was retained to find people like you to fill the position you can always ask them for the same information. Another method I have employed, especially if they request further information from me, is to simply ask them to e-mail me...this way I will definitely get their e-mail address from them.

    If you prefer snail-mail, you can also just get their physical address from their web site and then mail them a formal letter (each).

    I hope this helps


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