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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

49 Benefits Of Hiring A Older Skilled Worker

Whose Kool Aid Do You Want To Drink?

Do you know the 49 Benefits Of Hiring An Older Worker. It has been said “the older you get the wiser you are”. It has also been said “that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. These adages are nice to recite but do any of them really hold true when it comes to older skilled workers who are looking for a new career.

Over the last 3 years I have read thousands of comments, questions and expletives  from older workers. Some of you clearly professing your superior attributes while others complaining of their unfair treatment by job recruiters.

Can both be right in their assessments? Perhaps. But one guiding principle at Interns Over  40 has been to help older skilled workers achieve their own career greatness.

In doing so it is necessary to dispel myths while reinforcing the benefits that make older workers a great catch in a sometimes difficult job market.

I want to thank all of our faithful audience of Job Seekers, Career Coaches and Recruiters who are living this experience everyday while you prepare yourself , or help others, for the next career assignment. I hope this list of “49 Benefits To Hiring An Older Skilled Worker” becomes a valuable part of you’re toolbox as you  continue to pursue your ideal career. Share it, Print it and Keep it nearby as a refresher.

With our working life expanding into the our 70’s, 80’s and 90’ perhaps this list will, in a small way help you feel confident about the depth and value of your work and life experience. Remember “soon or later everyone will get older or …..”.

note:For those who are ranking oriented this list is NOT intended to indicate importance.  Happy Job Search.

Interns Over 40: 49 Benefits Of Hiring An Older Skilled Worker

  1. Wisdom and Intelligence
  2. Maturity to make sound decisions
  3. Ability to assume responsibility sooner because less training is required.
  4. Ability to assess, identify and act upon situations with colleagues, customers better because of knowledge from  experience in life and work. Not learned in classroom
  5. Make good mentors and coaches in their fields of experience
  6. You do not lose 2 hours of productivity time per day for texting
  7. Less arrogant
  8. Valuable long-term relationships and industry contacts built over the years
  9. Can provide objective advice to younger managers because he/she isn’t trying to climb the corporate ladder.
  10. Less DRAMA
  11. Understands the value of “Teamwork” and can work as an individual as well.
  12. Real arguments instead of duhh-reactions.
  13. Usually able to “make do” when necessary – cobble something good out of odd and unmatched parts. Think school pageant costumes on a moments notice.
  14. Older workers are able to speak and write in complete sentences, with correct English. This is helpful in writing and speaking with customers, as well as internal reports.
  15. Less expensive car insurance.
  16. Able to advise younger manager without threatening his/her position.
  17. Given previous experience, better able to separate wheat from chaff; what is critical and what is not.
  18. [Hopefully] thinks before commenting, thereby providing a calming influence, easing workplace stress.
  19. Experience, experience, experience… nothing beats experience! Not only in our professional field, but in personal relationships, dealing with all types of personalities we’ve interacted with throughout our careers.
  20. Not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done
  21. Older workers, or at least this one, are less likely to take a job that they will absolutely hate, therefore increasing the likelihood they will remain in the position. Worker loyalty is not dead, it is simply better seasoned.
  22. A more experienced employee understands with greater depth and clarity the true risks and rewards that accompany certain tactics and strategies, with a lower risk of repeating the negative aspects of history.
  23. Experienced employees also know how to navigate an organization and gain traction for the most valuable and rewarding ideas in a diplomatic manner so as to gain support in a positive way. It is hard to teach these skills. They must be learned on the job.
  24. Less maintenance for their manager
  25. The ability to take constructive criticism constructively without the drama.
  26. The ability from life experience and travels to relate to different cultures and accept others of different background and beliefs.
  27. We are progressive – blending new technology with life wisdom
  28. Minimal learning curve.
  29. The older — mature — employees avoid office politics, which can be a time-wasting energy drainer in the dynamics of any office.
  30. Mature workers also accept a job with the intent of staying with it, as opposed to too many younger workers today who treat it like a marriage (“If I don’t like it I’ll quit.”)
  31. The value of the law of the harvest that includes, seeding, nurturing, cultivating, protecting and finally harvesting and storage for the future and new crops. This law applies in any industry, organization and job. The seasoned worker will know how to make each step work. The new worker still needs the mentoring.
  32. Knowing the value of learning from past mistakes, and assimilating that into future work decisions.
  33. Having the ability to see the short and long-term effects of various decisions
  34. Appreciate the fact that EVERY interaction I have with anyone can lead to a possible connection, job, assistance, etc., later.
  35. The ability to develop lasting collaborative relationships with all levels in an organization.
  36. Older employees have a greater value of time and know how to prioritize tasks.
  37. We are not distracted by the bar, or the nightclub, or the latest romance gone wrong.
  38. We consider our work a duty and of prime importance in our life, we understand the meaning of loyalty, good ethical behavior comes naturally, we have a sense of duty.
  39. Young people are still looking for the best opportunity, whereas older workers understand by a certain age ‘you should have a lot more focus on keeping to a reasonable standard of living
  40. Have seen the ups and downs of markets
  41. They have already learned how to manage stress.
  42. Are willing to stay on task or at the jobsite until the work is done. Determined.
  43. Understand a responsible work ethic and appreciate continual learning opportunities as a way to add to skills.
  44. Older workers know their areas of expertise and are confident in them.
  45. Older workers are not as likely to job-hop or job-shop.
  46. Arrives on time and usually before starting time; Leaves after quitting time; Spends less time watching the clock
  47. Have lower Health Care costs.
  48. Technical issues are not intimidating - we have learned how to dig into the problems and find meaningful long-term solutions.
  49. We know when to compromise and when to push. We have learned the techniques needed to find balance in tough situations.

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  1. Unfortunally there is some countries that do not belive in that facts, vs only the different lower pay that yougers can accept


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